Need To Minimize Backlog Of Visas To Undocumented Immigrant Victims Of Crime

Las Vegas Congresswomen Dian Titus and the Executive Director of Legal Aid Center of South Nevada, Barbara Buckley had called an urgent requirement to minimise the backlog of visas for undocumented immigrant victims of crime.

A federal law passed in the year 2000 let victims of crimes that includes undocumented immigrants to get entitled for visas. The legislation is intended to create much cooperation among victims of crime and law enforcement. Such crimes should be certified by agencies like authorities of law enforcement.

In order to qualify for U visa, certifying agencies should confirm that the applicant is a victim of criminal activity and the victim has been or would likely be supportive towards an investigation.

 Once certified, the USCIS  reviews the application. If authorised, the victim could be granted a visa that let them reside in the nation lawfully for the period of four years and apply for PR.

The government limits the granting of U visas at 10,000 each year that has resulted in a backlog nationally.

Till the month of December, around 62,000 applications were still waiting to get processed. according to the current information from the USCIS, while waiting, few applicants are offered temporary protection from extradition.

According to the agency spokeswoman Maria Elena Upson, the agency for immigration services has not released the application information.

AS per the information got through Act for Freedom of Information, around 844 U visas were certified by law enforcement in Las Vegas during 2009 and 2014.

Titus told that she will introduce the law for increasing the limit and reducing the backlog.

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