Jamaicans Arrested In An Operation That Targeted Criminal Immigrants

According to the officers from Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO), the US Customs Enforcement and Immigration Department (ICE)  had told that many Jamaicans were taken into custody  in an operation in Pennsylvania that aimed criminal immigrants.

Arrests were also made in Delaware and West Virginia also. How many Jamaicans were detained was not revealed.  However, ICE told that of those who were detained has been convicted of crimes in the US, or fell in the priorities of ICE for extradition.

Apart from the Jamaicans, citizens from Uruguay, Mexico, Kenya, Dominican Republic, Argentina, Ecuador, Brazil, Ghana, Honduras, Papua New Guinea, India,  Costa Rica, Germany and Bosnia. were also detained.

Among the summaries of few of immigrants detained is a 39 year old Jamaican with earlier convictions for possession with intent to disburse a prohibited substance.

 ICE told that detentions were made on 6th May at a residence in Philadelphia after being released from local custody and stays in custody awaiting a hearing before a immigration judge.

Last year, ICE told that it had conducted around 2,35,413 deportations country wide. it also told that around 91% of people has been eliminated from the US had earlier been convicted of a criminal offence.

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