Indo-Americans join anti-deportation rally in the US

Indo-Americans join anti-deportation rally in the US

Many Indo–American and individuals from South Asian communities has joined a huge rally in front of the Supreme Court of the US supporting the plan of administration of Obama to defer deportation of around four million illegal immigrants whose kids are citizens of the US.

The Supreme Court who is hearing the case in now split on the plan of Obama administration for deferring deportation known as Deferred Actions for Parent of the US citizens (DAPA).

Four judges appear critical of DAPA and DACA while other liberal judge has recommended that the case has no business in front of the courts at all.

Many Indo American are supporting the DAPA, and they hold a rally outside the US Supreme Court and they are urged for these programs for moving forward quickly and keeping their families together.

In a statement it was said that this is a foolish and needless challenge to very commonse sense immigration programs that permits few aspiring citizens of the US to stay with their families, persist contributing to the economy of the US and pursuing dreams.

Around 5.2 million immigrants that includes 200,000 undocumented Indo Americans and many more South Asians are entitled for DAPA and enlarged DACA declared under executive action of the US President on immigration.

According to Hilary Clinton, Supreme Court will uphold the decision of administration of Obama with this regard. President has acted within his legal and authority under constitution in stopping the extradition of children and parents.

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