Immigrant Children Sent To Join Adults In The US Illegally

In an federal information which was reviewed it was found that the huge majority  of immigrant kids who visit came at the US border alone are placed by with adults  who are residing in the nation unlawfully by the government.

Immigrant Children Sent To Join Adults In The US Illegally

The government of the US is saying that it has places the kids with their friends and families regardless of status of immigration.  but since many kids are starting to come on the border, officials has not revealed that how often those sponsors has officially authorized papers.

In reply to the request from Act of Information freedom, the Human service and health department of the US had given the information revealing that around 80% of 71000 kids are placed were sent to those sponsors who were staying illegitimately in the US.

An additional 6% were placed with adults who had status as temporary protected.  a program of the US government that had let few citizens from Central America reside and work in the US lawfully  for over a decade. Around 4% were sponsored by citizens of US and 1% by those immigrants who are facing proceeding of extradition.

Many other children were placed with the sponsors who has various forms of lawful status or who had filed the application for immigration.

Once detained by US border agents, the kids are placed in Human Service and Heath Department care unless the caseworkers can screen  and select the appropriate sponsors for taking care of them.

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