Canada ranked 4th for welcoming Refugees

Posted on: 03 Jun 2016  |   Tags: Refugees in Canada , Refugees Welcome , support refugees ,

The North American country Canada has been ranked 4th for inviting the refugees to the country. Canada’s humanitarian help is highly acclaimed, China, United Kingdom, and Germany also ranked in the top position for providing a favorable atmosphere to the individuals.

Canada welcomed 27 000 refugees till now, and more immigrants would be accepted by the end of the year. China topped the chart, Germany ranked second and UK third and Australia took the fifth position.

The people are ready to accept immigrants, but the inhumane response is really disheartening. Anti-refugee rhetoric is increasing in Germany, despite the best efforts of the present Angela Morkel Government.

The index for the top countries favorable for refugees was released on the eve of the humanitarian summit to be held in Turkey next week. The world leaders are planning to prepare a set up to help the refugees settle permanently and help them in best possible ways.

According to the global survey conducted by the Amnesty international:

  • 80 percent of the respondents are ready to embrace refugees, and 32 percent are ready to accept them as their neighborhood.
  • 17 percent of the people did not support refugees’ entry into the nation.

43 percent of the Canadians are ready to accept the refugees and 8 percent are not ready to welcome them.

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