Two men accused of acting as an immigration consultants were summoned to appear before the Montreal court in Canada. Rajinder Singh and Resham Singh were charged of illegal immigration practices in Canada.

Both the accused must appear before the Montreal court on June 9. The alleged fraudulent practices by both the consultants were counseling session conducted by them. They are encouraging the persons to provide falsified information to make the refugee claims.

The accused were facing charges under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) and the criminal code of Canada.

In fact both the persons are not authorized immigration consultants in Canada. Canada Border Services Agency (CSBA) looks after the fraudulent practices by the people. It prosecutes, investigates the immigration offenders. Immigration acts in any countries are considered as the fraudulent practices. The CSBA’s main aim is to contain illegal immigration and fraudulent practices by the fake consultants.

Illegal immigration is considered as the threat to the national integrity of the Canada. It burdens the economy, and countries are adapting new practices to contain the immigration. The United States also has the main problem with the illegal immigration. Over one million unregistered immigrants are living in the United States. It has become the biggest topic of the presidential elections; imagine what immigration can be to a country.

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