Many Indians Accused In Fake Marriages And U Visa Fraud Cases In The US

According to the authorities, many Indians and Indo-Americans has been accused on charges of U visa fraud and arranging fake marriages for the purpose of visiting the US.

Investigation authorities also told that these individuals will do fake marriages with the citizens of the US for entering the US and then also fraudulently apply for the special category of U visa that is usually given to the victims of crimes who had suffered physical or mental abuse and are obliging to law enforcement.

The accused alleges that a licensed attorney had submitted all the fake documents to the USCIS for getting U visas for other co-defendants.

The fake documents that are submitted to the USCIS include fake police reports prepared by the officer of Jackson Police Department.

Other defendants were busy in and had caused many acts that enable the defendants to try getting U visas from the USCIS.

In the 16 count marriage fraud accused, it is alleged that they will enter in the marriages between individuals who were citizens of the US only for the getting status of immigration to that the foreigners will not otherwise get entitled.

According to the Justice Department, fake marriage was showed just to make a lawful status that will offer a basis for a status of immigration for a foreign partner.

The utmost fines for crimes like conspiracy for committing fraud and misusing visa permit would be five years imprisonment and $2,50,000 fine, for fraud and misusing visa permit the fine would be ten years of custody and $2,50,000 fine, for mail fraud the fine would  be 20 years in jail and $2,50,000 and for wire fraud the fine is 20 years in jail and $2,50,000 penalty.

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