US Has Honored Officer For Deporting Illegal Immigrants

The US State Department has honored an immigration officer with an Award of Presidential Rank which is the highest award for civil servants, for extraditing illegitimate immigrants with illicit background.

According to the seniors of Homan at the Homeland Security Department, Thomas Homam has set the records for extraditing illegitimate immigrants who got criminal record from the US.

The officers had targeted on foreigners and criminals who might pose security risks,  as per the directive from the President’s administration.  By utilizing enhanced system of finger printing,  the officer  had deported many illegitimate immigrants who got  criminal background.

As per website of Customs and Immigration Enforcement, under the directions of this officer, around 59% of entire immigrants were removed from the US, were convicted criminals.

According to the officer, he believes individuals do not understood his work. Individuals do not understand how we do and what we do it. We had carried out the mission successfully. He is not ashamed of what he is doing, we detains many awful guys.

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