Two Indian Nationals Convicted In H-1B Visa Fraud

Two People of Indian origin were sentenced to over seven year’s imprisonment for abusing the H-1B visa policy. Both of them were involved in recruiting foreign nationals through the H-1B visa channel and employing them in their firm Dibon Solutions. But there are was no such requirement for the company; these people entered the United States with the help of Atul Nanda and Jiten Jay Nanda, who routed them to third party companies.

H-1B visa program is popular among the tech professionals and the technology sector of the United States attracts a large number of skilled tech professionals. This program draws the low wage workers to the US from software businesses.

The Nanda brothers owned an IT consulting firm in the Texas and hired foreign nationals through the H-1B visa category.

So once their company was staffed to capacity, they started sub hiring the extra professionals to third part companies and the all financial transactions were still linked to Dibon Solutions.

Hence, they were convicted of harboring foreign nationals; have been remanded to the custody of the US Marshals Service.

"The H-1B visa program is a powerful and positive tool for businesses and foreign workers alike when properly used. When employers abuse the program, the foreign workers become a captive stable of cheap labor, victimized to the company's financial benefit," said US Attorney John Parker.

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