Illegal Immigrants Arrested At Northamptonshire Truck Stop By UK Immigration Officials

Posted on: 02 May 2016  |   Tags: Illegal Immigrants , UK Immigration Officials , Work in UK ,

Eight individuals has been detained following immigration officers asking question to the employees at Northamptonshire truck stop.

After getting information, the immigration enforcement officials visit the spot and they asked queries to the workers for checking if they had got right to reside and work in the UK.

As per the officials, eight immigration lawbreakers were taken into custody that includes three men from India who were staying even after the expiry of their visas. Among those is a student who got leave to stay by fraud and a woman who was residing even her work visa got expired. Among those were individuals from China and Pakistan as well and a woman from China who had entered illegally into the UK.

All eight individuals were arrested pending exclusion from the UK.

The team of Immigration Enforcement told that Red Lion Truck Stop would be served a warning notice that a fine of 20,000 for every illegal employed could be imposed on them. The business needs to pay this fine until they show that appropriate pre employment checking has been taken place. Around 1,40,000 pounds for seven employees were added to the notice.

As per spokesman from the UK Home Office, Employers who utilize these illegitimate employees must be aware that the teams of immigration enforcement are carrying frequent visits around the region.

This was big scale operation which leads to many arrests with the help of area Police whose help had contributed the successful result.

Officials rely on information from public and have asked people to report suspected illegitimate working to them.

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