Four Indo-US Charged With H-1B Visa Fraud In The US

According to the prosecutor from the US said that four Indo- Americans that includes a couple from Silicon Valley has been accused of committing H-1B visa fraud among various other offences.

The couple along with two other individuals  has been accused of alleged crimes in connection with submitting fake applications for H-1B work visas.

As per the indictment, four defendants had allegedly utilized three corporations of California to arrange the inappropriate submission of over one hundred applications for H-1B visa.

As per Attorney’s Office in California’s Northern District, the couple from Silicon Valley had owned and founded Equinett and DS Softech, two staffing firms for technology companies. Both husband and wife was serving as President and Vice President of both the firms.

All four defendants has been charged with the  plot to commit visa fraud, mail fraud, fake statements, obstruction of Justice and evidence tempering and abetting and aiding these crimes.

They had submitted the government, application material of the H-1B visa mentioning that the overseas employees named in the applications will be placed at certain firms in the US.

Those firms do not exist or never intended to get the overseas employees named in the applications of the defendants.

During 2010 and 2014, they had submitted around over one hundred extra fake petitions for overseas employees to be placed at other purported firms.

The statement alleges that Equinett and DS Soft Tech had generated around $3.3 million of net profits and around  $17 million of gross profits.

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