Don’t Let Your Travel Agency Submit Forged Papers For Visa

Five residents has been positioned on trial in the Ras Al Khaimah Misdemeanour Court for fake bank statements to obtain tourist visa to European nations.  The defendants that includes two travel agency employees and three of their clients. As their  are involvement in forging stamps and bank statements.

The defence lawyer argued that the bogus statements of local bank were not addressed to any official body in the nation. The travel agency owner, who reported the case to law enforcement agencies, did only after his client told him about it.

The defence lawyer of second accused told court that his client has nothing to do with the case. It was his colleague who fake the bank statements and provided them to his client who was not aware they are fake.

Defence lawyer of three applicants of visa told that none of the documents were official and they were only non official and customary papers that bring no damage to the embassy or bank under whose name the documents were granted.

One of the applicant told court the he did not falsify or submit any bank statement.  The other two applicants told that they were not aware of the bank statements or credentials that were attached to their application for visa were forged. As they were concerned about traveling overseas.

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