Australia Foreign Minister Julie Bishop says that corruption charges on Immigration officials are serious and should be probed.

Australia Immigration Department claimed that only a few cases are associated with the department officials. Only a few cases are subjected to investigation.

According to the report, 130 cases have been registered in connection with the internal corruption in Australia Immigration.

Internal investigations found that immigration officials are involved in fraudulent practices while issuing student and skilled visas to foreign nationals.

The Foreign Minister said that the case must be investigated thoroughly to find out what is happening with the system, allegations are serious.

"These are allegations that are serious."

"I'm sure that Minister Peter Dutton will do just that," she said.

The Australian Border Force is reviewing the system and license arrangement policies to weed out loopholes in the immigration system.

The joint operation report revealed that visa scammers could make all the arrangements that deal with the Australian skilled visas.

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