14 Indian Members charged in Visa Fraud

Among 19 people 14 are charged with the participation of visas fraud from side to side forged green card wedding or by erroneously making cases of crime victims.

 K Davis told that the denounced from 8 states, "who looked to undercut the trustworthiness of our country’s migration system" has filed a case in the elected court at Jackson.

The charges came about because of joint examinations by the Investigations of Homeland Security, the General's Office of Mississippi Attorney, and the Investigation of Federal Bureau.

"The litigants professedly evaded the laws & submitted false records that are basic to getting movement status," told Davis, the prosecutor of government for the District of Southern Mississippi.

The prosecutor's, Simpson Lloyd Goodman told, submitted fake reports for a portion of the Indians accused of him to get "U-Visas," which are provided to wrongdoing casualties who help examinations or indictments. A portion of the fake records were wrongdoing reports professedly arranged by Jackson cop Ivory Lee Harris.

Of the 11 members are charged in the false wrongdoing casualty visa case, nine had Indian names and could incorporate those with United State citizenship.

Eleven individuals were accused of offenses identifying with sham "green card" relational unions with US residents. Of them, seven had Indian names.

"These relational unions did not go into on account of common adoration and fondness between the gatherings, yet exclusively to make a legitimate status that would give a premise to movement status for the outsider accomplice and normally for some monetary advantage to the United States subject," the prosecutor's office told.

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