More Than 100 UAE Family Visa Applications Forged

A Public relation officer and two siblings functioning at typing centers supposedly provided family residence visas to citizens who were not entitled to support their relatives by forging the citizenship contracts.

The PRO, ZH, 46, is blamed for gathering Dh 900, 000 more than 3 months as fixes from the two typing centers' workers who supplied her with the applications.

The PRO has a sibling who works for the office. She concurred through her sister associate with AH, 42, a sergeant who do works for the typing centers branch, to issue dwelling visas to groups of ostracizes who were messy to support their families.

The two representatives worked at various typing centers were siblings. They concurred with the PRO & the officer to provide residence visas by forging contracts for candidates who don't have 1.

A tip-off was complete to the safety office about the PRO who had submitted the unlawful submission forms for family visas. After checking the data, the office discovered that there were nationality sponsorship submissions made by low-paid expats.

Amid the examination, officers did not locate any supporting reports appended to those exchanges, consequently raising doubt that the candidate was unintelligible to support his family.

On checking with the official who affirmed applications, she confessed to preparing them with no checking the firsts.

A sort focus' PC administrator conceded paying Dh 65, 000-70,000 to the Public relation officer for the illicit applications. The typist conceded that his sibling, South Africa, who worked near local typing centers, figured out how to produce leases for indecipherable candidates to be encased with nationality sponsorship applications

The courtyard will reconvene on 31st May.

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