Visa Applicants to India to Submit Criminal Record

Traveling child sex offenders having it easy in India, entering the country due to the country's easy visa application process and have been abusing children there. India has had more than its fair share of these foreign nationals and pedophiles who travel from country to country, with the single intention of abusing and raping unsuspecting children. Most of these child victims were found to be from poor and underprivileged families. Taking a step to curb this menace on kids in India, Maneka Gandhi, the Indian Minister for Women and Child Development announced the decision of the Union Home Ministry to make it compulsory for people applying for an Indian visa to declare their criminal records. Gandhi had severally requested previously that this rule is updated and enforced to protect Indian women and children from the increasing rate of rape cases in the country.

A solution to protect Indian women children from rapists

Henceforth, a questionnaire and a document for the declaration of criminal records will be attached to all visa application forms to be filled by applicants. No applicant who has a past criminal record in his/her country will be granted visa into India. In June 2017, Gandhi took to Twitter to implore Sushma Swaraj, the Minister of External Affairs in India to bar visa applicants who have a previous criminal record of child abuse from gaining visa into India. It happened after John Kirk Jones, an American citizen, was caught and arrested in Hyderabad. Jones had in his possession materials of child sexual abuse which he had been distributing online. On Monday this week,  Gandhi took to Twitter again to announce to the public, the success of her requests and the win for the entire Indian nation. She went ahead to express her thanks to the Home Minister, Shri Ji, for considering and granting her request. Stay connected to VisaCrimes to remain updated on the latest visa crimes in the US, the UK, Canada, Hong Kong, Germany, Denmark, Austria, and India!

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