US is Not Going After Non-criminal Illegal Immigrants

Posted on: 01 Apr 2017  |   Tags: Illegal Immigrants , usa latest visa news , Visa Fraud ,

Attorney General of the United States of America, Jeff Sessions, disclosed that the department of justice does not plan on hunting down undocumented migrants who have no criminal records in the country together with coming into the United States without the proper documentation.

“We as an agency aren’t focusing all of our energy and time in that direction,” he said to reporters during a question and answer segment.

“We are moving in the right direction.

We have begun the construction of the wall, and we will continue to work to improve our security, employ more justice officials.” Jeff used to be the former security adviser to current President Donald Trump.

He attributed the present administrations for the 60% decline in undocumented migration in the country to the policies implemented by the administration. “That is the way to go about this issue. If we keep targeting it, we can build a system that successfully checks the migration activities.

A system that allows around 1.1 million persons into the country annually.” Representatives of undocumented migrants in the country have issued a warning that the present administration has intentions to send back around 11 million undocumented migrants.

Donald Trump passed a lot of orders in the month of January, telling the DHS to execute the migration laws, which includes making a wall along the border between the United States and Mexico, and also sending back undocumented migrants back to their nations.

Jeff also said that he intends to get incompliant states and cities to keep to the new law passed by the president. “It is not going to impact their budget that much.

They do not have so many funds to be controlled, so that is okay,” he said. He also said that under his watch, the department aims to expand into other realms and make a lot of things possible.

He said the department is looking to make it harder for states not to comply with the laws already passed.


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