Two Men Charged With Immigration Offenses In UK

The Two British Men were charged with immigration fraud after the incident of the Albanians rescued from the English Channel waters.

The United Kingdom's arrested Robert Stilwell, 33, and Mark Stribling 35, in connection with the case. Both the accused in the Police custody will be produced before the court on July 27th for the next hearing.

The United Kingdom Border Forces are questioning the Albanians over the issue. There are several incidents these days of the people trying to cross the English Channel, security reasons are major concern associated with the case.

The migrants are taking the dangerous routes to enter the United Kingdom, illegal boat trips have become a quite common phenomenon.

The traffickers are arranging the movement of the people illegally on boats. Borders and Immigration officials are worried as the United Kingdom does not have planned to deal with such situations. The human trafficking is rising at a rapid pace; a proper contingency plan is required to deal with the situation.

Great Britain has small ports and harbors with accessible to everyone it had only three cutters rigorously vigilant on its coastline.

Most of the coastline is not protected and the respective departments do not know the exact number of people in poverty and moving far to the distance lands.

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