Trump Administration Publishes List of Crimes' Committed by Immigrants

The first weekly list of accused foreigners with criminal records in the United States has been released by the department of homeland security, which was an order from the office of the new president of the United States of America.

The list outlines different kinds of individuals which are presently in the United States and have not been ejected from the country by the law even in the midst of an order to do so by the migration and border protection enforcement agency. The list also contains some accused people who are yet to found guilty of any crime.

Violations of the law ranging from drug peddling, running a red light, assault, robbery and domestic violence.

The department released no names, just their nationality, criminal records and the time they were given a detainer and also the day they refused the detainer.

“When the officers of the law fail to uphold the dignity if the migration officers and let go of notorious criminals who pose a significant danger to the society, it puts the migrations and border protection agency in a bad light and sends the message that the agency is incapable of securing the safety of the general public from such criminals,” director of the migration and border protection board, Thomas Homan, told reporters.

“Our aim is to create a booming and sustainable, coordinating relationship with the officers of the law as they do their jobs. We will ensure a total cooperation on our part with them to make sure that undocumented foreigners who are a danger to the society and themselves are not allowed to roam free across the country.

We will do everything within our power to make sure that our communities and our states are totally rid of them. The society is ours, and would remain so,” he told newsmen in a report.

The weekly list was made a must in a new government law signed into effect by the current president of the United States on the 25th of January.

It was called the “improving the safety of the general public in the United States of America.” It requested that the department put together a list of criminal activities of undocumented foreigners and any rule of law that is breached by those who are detained.”

Naysayers of the move say it will continue to ostracise and paint the foreigners who stay in the country in a bad light, and sending a message to citizens that immigrants are a threat to society.

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