Tagging Immigrant’s Attacks as Psychological Problems; Germany’s Escape

Posted on: 14 Mar 2017  |   Tags: crime , Germany , Immigration ,

Following Merkel's madness, individual "migrant" attacks on real Germans increase exponentially across the country. The current one came yesterday (among other two incidents) when an "asylum seeker" attacked innocent people at the Düsseldorf train station. It does not matter that he was from Kosovo Muslim. No, religion had nothing to do with their crimes. They were caused by a mental illness:

The suspect in an assault at a German station that injured more than nine people on Thursday was a mentally ill asylum seeker from Kosovo, it was reported Friday. We were told that there was no indication of any political or religious cause for the assault.

German police raided Düsseldorf station at 9 am Thursday after a man on an outgoing passenger train started hitting with passengers with an ax, authorities said.

The suspect in the attack has been recognized in the German press Spiegel Online as Fatmir H, a 36-year-old man from Kosovo. Police found a doctor’s report in the suspect’s residence, about 20 miles away in the city of Wuppertal, as well as drugs that diagnosed him with paranoid schizophrenia, according to DietmarKneib of the state judicial police of North Rhine-Westphalia.

The suspect was treated in hospital for serious wounds after jumping off a bridge to try to escape the cops. Of the nine victims, four of them suffered severe injuries, but none are in critical condition, authorities said. "Apparently, it was a psychological condition on the part of the suspect that resulted in the act," said Kneib.

The jokes seem to script themselves, and like all others before this one involving Muslim wrongdoers, they aren’t funny. Affirmative, "not all Muslims." But the presence of a substantial pre-modern primitive population impregnated with so-called anti-western jihadism of hatred and allowing it to burn as it has proven disastrous. With no tradition of understanding on the part of the Germans or Muslims, Merkel's adverse decision to open Germany up to the invasion and the conquest of culture (and also politics in due time) is a huge error.

(US intervention under Bill Clinton for Kosovar Muslims in 1999, was an atrocious decision and will continue to have destructive long-term effects for Europe and the United States)

Of course, the Germans reaction to "immigrant" crime is to describe it as a psychological disorder; A German would be insane to think in this manner; Foreigners are received as Germans. As such, any criminal act must be a mental problem.

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