Stiffening Immigration Enforcement is not the Answer to Reducing Crime

The president of the United States ended a torrid week by for his government by implying a drop in undocumented crossings and his forum held with some world leaders.

“A lot has to be done to repair the damage done due to years of porous border policies by the past administrations,” the president said in a statement. “But in time, with perseverance and doggedness, we will finalise the job, and save a lot of people from harm in the process.”

The country’s department of homeland security disclosed earlier this week that there was a huge drop in the number of apprehensions at the border with Mexico. The secretary of homeland security, John Kelly, disclosed that a little more than 12,500 individuals were arrested for attempting to cross the border in March, a 70% decline from the previous month.

The president also talked about his meeting with world leaders such as the king of Jordan, president of Egypt, and the Chinese president at his Florida home, which is scheduled to continue through the weekend.

The meetings show his desire to align better and improve the bilateral relationships between both governments.

“In our relationship with other countries, our discussions have been fair and transparent and with respect for both parties.

I have made it apparent about politicking for the interests of the country which is crucial to me, and I’m sure is important to all Americans. I think that is one of the reasons I was voted into power.”

The president also discussed his government’s efforts to work with manufacturers in the country.

“93% of our domestic product makers have made known their positive motivations to work with us on bettering the future. The confidence we can perceive in our country is one that is about creating employments and more opportunities.”

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