Reacting to the recent rape incident in Goa by the Nigerian National, the tourism minister of Goa, Dilip Parulekar, called for a stringent law, which will deport the culprits involved in the heinous crimes. The Minister said that Nigerians create unwanted problems not only in Goa, but they are also active in creating the troubles throughout the nation.

The Minister described that he had spoken to the Chief Minister regarding the issue and shared his opinion with him. As of now the nation do not have any law that deports the Nigerians.

Nigerians visas are extended, and they are tactful using the loopholes to the utmost, and the Chief Minister said that the home department will remain prompt on this kind of issue.

The incidents of the Nigerians resorting to illegal activities in India are increasing daily; the settled law is required to deal with such situations.

Recently, a woman complaint against two Nigerians, accusing them of kidnapping and raping her when she was moving to Para.

The Minister explained that the Nigerians involve in the fraudulent practices to extend their stay in the nation.

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