New App Alerts Illegal Immigrants to ICE Raids

Posted on: 02 Apr 2017  |   Tags: crime , Immigration , latest , news , Visa ,

A new application has been developed with the aim of alerting undocumented migrants to the presence of migration and customs officials.


The application, named Notifica, was created solely for this purpose in mind, a new report has emerged.


United we Dream, the creator of the application, claims to be the biggest foreign organisation that is youth oriented in the country and comprises of around 100,000 migrants between the ages of 21-35 and has other bodies under it in about 26 states in the country. More than 8,000 individuals have subscribed to get the application, which is to be released on multi-platforms on both iOS and Android on the 10th of April.


The application is created to enable the user to get 15 SMS messages that can be forwarded to friends, family, lawyers, employees and a lot more contacts letting them know that they have been apprehended in a raid by customs officials.


Those on the other end who get the text messages do not need the application to receive the SMS.


The creator of the application, an undocumented migrant by the name Adrian Reyna, conceded that the application would not stop or prevent the sending back of migrants to their home land.

“The activation of a button is not going to abolish or prevent people from being sent back to their home countries, but it would at least provide an extra cloak of security for families without any help,” Adrian said. Extensive reports have been made on the emphasis placed on undocumented migrants with a criminal record for apprehensions.

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