Don’t Blame Illegal Immigrants for Crime Waves

Posted on: 03 Apr 2017  |   Tags: Immigration , latest , news , usa , Visa ,

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, has appealed to Congress to make a new government body that would be in charge of retrieving information on criminal activities perpetrated by undocumented migrants.

He said the proposed name of the new institution would be “Victims of migration criminal and other acts department.”

He disclosed that this department would be in charge of helping sufferers of criminal acts perpetrated by undocumented migrants.

He also said that crimes that the media and news outlets have turned a blind eye to could be addressed and taken care of by the department. Information about criminals, their record and those they attack should be collated more often, but a singling out of undocumented migrants will most likely make them more susceptible than they are.

A recent report made public by the Institute in Cato disclosed that undocumented aliens carry out less criminal activities than citizens of the United States.

By employing a method to locate undocumented migrants in the population information gathered, it was discovered that around 44% of undocumented migrants are less likely to be apprehended by law enforcement agencies that indigenous Americans born on American soil. Documented foreigners who came into the country on legal grounds are far less liable to be arrested, posing a 69% rate than indigenous Americans. When individuals imagine criminal activities perpetrated by undocumented aliens, they are usually incensed by killings like that of a San Francisco lady.

That was a sad event, and all evil doers need to be brought to justice regardless of their ethnicity, tribe or location. As such, these statistics help give you a better view of things.

When the percentage of each population drive is taken into perspective, around 1.53% of all indigenous American adults between the ages of 18-54 are apprehended when compared to 0.85% of undocumented aliens and 0.47% of legal migrants in the same demography. The numbers for illegal migrants include those who are apprehended for migration crimes and those in migration holding cells.

Taking them away from the statistics, and the number of undocumented migrants falls to 0.5%, very similar to the number gotten for documented aliens.

A lot of research papers who wrote on this phenomenon also discovered that all undocumented and documented foreigner’s apprehension rates are way lower than that of indigenous Americans.

Also, criminal activities have a tendency to be lower in areas dominated by foreigners.


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