Charity Commission Disqualified the Trustee Guilty of Immigration Fraud

Posted on: 26 Mar 2017  |   Tags: Immigration crime , usa , visa crime ,

A beneficiary of the Sikh charity has lost his privileges after he used his charity in the committing of migration crimes, the commission of the charity stated.

The beneficiary’s name was not publicly mentioned by the Commission, but reports have placed the man to be named Ravinder Singh from Manchester. Singh was the only beneficiary of the Khalsa missionary community.

A statement from the body said that the charity supported permit applications for Sikh holy leaders to come into the United Kingdom for work at the charity for a defined period. The report also said that the charity was informed by the Home Office in 2013 that it had opened up a case against the charity for migration fraud.

The home office also disclosed to the commission that the charity was permitting Indian nationals to come into the country without proper documentation.

The beneficiaries were paying a particular amount to the charity, and in turn, the charity rewarded them with salaries as religious leaders.

The commission also began an investigation into the charity body on the 16th of September, 2014 after the home office had finished its inquiry and tendered the situation to the prosecution service.

Ravinder acknowledged to the crime on the 25th of April and was sentenced to jail for 27 months by a court in Manchester on the 16th of May, 2016.

The report published by the Commission stated that the charity body had been used to engage in a plethora of non-charity purposes since 2011 and had been misused inappropriately, with Mr. Ravinder not being able to tender enough evidence to prove the legitimacy of the charity’s businesses.

As such, the Commission used its privileges to remove the beneficiary from the charity on the 7th of January, and on the 23rd of February, the fund was delisted from its register.


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