Border Wall the Most Important Way to Stop Crimes in the US

President Donald Trump, at midnight on Sunday, declared a partial shutdown of government as he remains unrepentant on getting the necessary funding for proposed U.S.-Mexico border wall. This partial government shutdown will continue until Thursday at the earliest but could also remain for weeks. Mr. Trump has earlier warned that the government might go as far as shutting down the government if the Democrats refused to bulge on their refusal to vote in favour of funding the border wall. He at the time said that the government will do anything to see the wall built and has now partially shut down the government as Democrats remain unshaken. Prequel to the partial shutdown, the President of the US tweeted that the most important way to nip human trafficking, drugs, gangs and massive crime in the bud lies at the southern border, which is border security. He, therefore, emphasized that the country needs Border security which will be impossible without a wall according to Mr. Trump.

The Shut Down

Lack of agreement on funding for the proposed border wall is the fourth time in just five years that the US government and the Congress have failed to come to terms on how much the federal government should spend and for what purpose and as a result, services, as well as operations, considered nonessential have been halted. This shut down seemed to have been avoided when temporary funding for the wall was passed by the Senate, with more seats for Republicans, last Wednesday. The White House initially accepted the temporary bill but was later dismissed by Mr. Trump who insists on getting $5.7 billion for wall construction. The House of Representatives couldn't pass a similar bill as it did not have enough votes to pass the Senate. Democrats are fiercely lined up to ensure the wall is never built. Mr. President has been advised to open government and abandon any plan for the wall as it will never get funding according to Chuck Schumer - Senate Democratic Leader. Nevertheless, Republican lawmakers are standing with Trump as Mitch McConnell, Republican Senate Majority Leader, said nobody expected the protection of the US border and in essence the American people to become bipartisan priorities. He after that adjourned the chamber to Thursday 27 December when voting is expected to take place. Stay in touch and get alerts & emails directly in your inbox by subscribing to Visa Crimes Check here for our latest immigration updates, local immigration activities, emerging trends, visa news updates for Australia, Canada, US, UK, Germany and more.

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