Denmark - Hundreds of green card specialists exhibit against L169

Many supporters took to the avenues in Copenhagen dissenting against the proposed new invoice (L169) which ends the green card program of Danish.The purpose behind the challenge is that the invoice if it is accepted, will obtain away the fate of 100, if not a huge number of youthful, exceedingly qualified individuals from different nations, who act as dishwashers, servers, drivers &other intense odd employments on the bottom of the work market.

These individuals, who will be influenced by the law, are all exceedingly taught, gifted alumni from various colleges around the globe,who left their occupations and families and came to Denmark for a superior future be that as it may, because of dialect obstructions, bigot profiling, and an aggressive work business sector, are not ready to get employments which fit their capabilities. Up to this point, they have had the objective and any expectation of accomplishing changeless residency if just they buckled sufficiently down and sufficiently long.

Presently this trust is being subdued by the left-swing parties and the bigot and national-preservationist Dansk Folkeparti, who need to cancel the green card program by passing bill L169. So this law will turn all their exertion, all their diligent work into dust. In addition; a number of them will think that it's hard to utilise their instructive confirmations in their local nations, on the grounds that their resumes have been"recolored" by washing dishes, cleaning and so on for a considerable length of time.

In any case, regardless of this current, Enhedslisten's MPs(evidently communist MPs), are as yet supporting the bill, nearby Dansk Folkeparti.This is a plain bigot and totally silly. Enhedslisten and whatever is left of the Danish work development ought to stand joined against this new political assault on migrants. Finishing the green card system is one thing. In any case,once individuals are on the project, you can't utilise them and afterwards discard them like rubbish. L169 is only the most recent political assault in a long line of political assaults on foreigners in Denmark.

At last, patriot extremism and the counter migration approaches of the political foundation is the result of an entrepreneur framework kicking the bucket on its feet. Just in free enterprise can a flood of exceptionally taught and spurred individuals to be a weight on society.

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