Foreigners Who Overstay Now Face Ban As SA Immigration Amendment Bill Passed

A bill has been passed for the foreigners who overstay their visas .  The immigration reform bill was submitted by the chairman of committee of home affairs, Lemias Mashile.

The latest amendments has made it clear that foreigners who reside in the nation even after their visa expires would not be entitled for the port of entry visa, visit visa, permanent resident permit during the applicable  prescribed duration.Those individuals who overstay would be declared undesirable.

According to Mashile, as Home Affairs now has fell under the security huddle, more strict steps were essential.

Entire activities of the department has to pass the risk of security. it is for this cause the committee of portfolio resolved to eliminate the risk posed by aliens who stay on their expired visas. Previously, the regime offered for penalty fees that proved to be insufficient. Changes will apply to initial offenders and they will face the sanctions.

These regulations would assist the department in managing the flow of foreigners in the country and make sure their security. The bill has now been referred to the national council for provinces for consensus.

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