Immigrants Often Gets Victimized In Detention Centres Says Windsor West MPP

According to Windsor West MPP. Lisa Gretzky, individuals who are detained for immigration related issues must not be kept in regular correctional areas. As they get victimized due to their race.

The criticism arises as Johnathan Nicola sits in the detention centre of South West while the lawful system decides he could reside in Canada.

As per Gretzky, many individuals in similar situation as Nicola reside in detention centre far long as they wait for verdict of their future.

People get caught up and then they get victimized. As per her, many immigrants do not know they had committed a crime.

They are tortured for life as in few cases they had come here without knowing the rules, and they don’t know the rule has been broken. Unfortunately these individuals have been tortured for period of life over thing that might not be in their control.

Separate facility might not be the response, there must be diverse section in the prison where  individuals who are facing charges of immigration are arrested. The individuals should be deported as soon as possible despite of keeping them in the detention centres.

Immigration detainees are not arrested with offenders who had convicted of illegal offences. And that has happened in most of the jurisdiction, you do not mix those populations.

Offices who do not give oversight of immigrant detainees and his mandate do not extend to those people.

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