US DHS Has Freed 20,000 Convicted Criminal Immigrants Last Year

Many immigrants are residing in the US illegitimately and the Obama administration is saying that they    should be returned to their home nation. But that has been easily said than done.

Over 19,700 convicted illegal immigrants last year has revealed a complication in the US complicated system of immigration. ICE has released that around ten of thousand of convict criminals and those individuals who has been accused of many crimes.

it show how hard it will be to carry out plans for few politicians that the officials from immigration department simply found and extradite around 11 million immigrants residing in the US.

 According to the ICE Director, agents routinely have got little choice but to release the immigrant. Agency is bound by difficult set of rules and laws of immigration that oversee that immigrant has to be arrested and that one could be set fee while waiting for immigration judge to rule on their case. A yearlong backlog of immigration court of around half a million cases and few criminal immigrants can be free in the US for years prior being ordered out of the nation.

The US government has briefly stopped granting few temporary job visas for immigrants from such countries that has refused the return of their citizens.

Pressure is building on the DHS for kick starting the efforts for penalizing nations whose governments has rejected to cooperate with extradition efforts.

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