Three People Detained As Immigration Officers Raid Chinese Takeaway In UK

Three people were detained after an operation by immigration enforcement in Powys. Immigration officials had visited the Cabin Chinese Takeaway where a citizen of China was detained when checking reveals that he was staying even after his business visa got expired.

Moreover to this, a 51-year-old man from China and a 43-year-old woman from China were detained after checking revealed that they were staying in the UK illegally.

Three individuals were taken into custody are presently in detention while measures are being taken to eliminate them from the UK.

The takeaway can face a fine of around 60,000 pounds.  According to the officer from Immigration Enforcement in Wales, they are working hard for countering illegitimate working and those who abuse the immigration system of the UK.

There are simple checking employers could do for making sure that the employees have got right to do the job in the UK. And those who select to ignore the regulations would face the penalty. He has asked the public to inform about any suspected immigration abuse.

Earlier two more people were detained in Wales, both the employers have been served with a warning notice that penalty would be imposed for employing illegitimate employees unless employers could show that proper document checking  was carried out like passport and a document from UK Home Office.

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