Three Killed and Two Injured' By an Illegal Immigrant in USA

A 23-year-old illegal immigrant, Luis Perez, has been charged with the murder of two ex-roommates on the 1st of November. Sabrina Starr (21) welcomed Perez (25) into her home after he was forced out by Steven Marler (38), and Aaron Hampton (23) has revealed in the charging documents. Perez has been alleged to be responsible for the death of these three people in a situation that also saw two other people injured. Aaron Anderson, who was charged as a helper, revealed to investigators that he and Starr were waiting in an SUV outside Marler and Hampton's house when the murder took place. He claimed to be on the phone with Perez when he heard the victims requesting for their lives before they were shot. Perez's girlfriend, Dalia Garcia, was also charged for tampering with evidence. Police said that she came from New Jersey to help burn the evidence. She was immediately jailed on a bond of $75, 000. From the statements gathered from the police, Perez, Anderson, and Starr drove to the latter's house where she was shot six times the next day. Besides the fact that both Anderson and Perez were kicked out of Marler and Hampton's, no motives were listed in the probable cause statement. Nevertheless, a witness who was quoted by the police said Perez revealed after the murders of the two ex-roommates that they have to die because they knew everything. When Perez's criminal history was checked, active warrants out of New Jersey were found. It was also discovered which he was not a US citizen, which suggests that he is an illegal immigrant.

What it holds for Illegal Immigrants

The anti-immigration camp will most likely take this and blow it out of proportion to support their recent aggressive move against Immigration. The government of US is moving for greater Immigration restrictions and has tagged illegal immigrants violent and dangerous. People against the government's move said that it's an unfounded statement, but this latest incidence will be another weapon in the government's armory. Stay in touch and get alerts & emails directly in your inbox by subscribing to VisaCrimes Check here for our latest immigration updates, local immigration activities, emerging trends, visa news updates for Australia, Canada, US, UK, Germany and more.

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