Supreme Court Rejects the Illegal Immigrants' Case

The country’s highest judicial body has decided to decline involvement in the case of undocumented migration, refusing to entertain an appeal from a body of individuals consisting of women and kids from Central America who are in the country as refugees. The case is meant to clear the air on what the rights of those picked for deportation are. The decline means that the judgment will come from a lower court. This will go a long way in deciding the individuals' right to argue and debate their deportations back to their country as the standing rule in place now. The issue, which has been dubbed “The Department of Homeland Security versus Castro,” concerns about thirty-three children between the ages of 2 and 17 and twenty-eight women from the nations of Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras. The individuals claim that they are victims of gender-specific crimes, such as sexual assault, from people they could not get away from. They also claim to be the target of criminal gangs simply because they are females and cannot protect themselves because of a lack of a male presence. All these occurred in their home nations. The individuals were arrested in the state of Texas after they had crossed the border from México sometime in 2015. They came in as refugees, but judge’s ruling on migration states that they did not have enough reasons to be scared if they were sent back to their nations. This ruling put them under the deportation schedule. The families were arrested and held in the residential center in the state of Pennsylvania. The women argued the refusal of their refugee plea in a court, indicating that they had a right to be tried fairly under the United States laws. Their spokesperson, Rosa Castro, who escaped from El Salvador with her child, disclosed to the court that she was a victim of incessant rape from the father of her son for years. The court in Pennsylvania ruled sometime in August that they lack enough grounds to want to seek asylum in the country. “These individuals are trying to make a mountain out of a molehill,” the presiding judge wrote in his deciding statement. “We feel sorry for the state of these women and children, and by extension all undocumented migrants who have run into this nation seeking shelter from whatever danger they seem to be facing in their lives that their government is incapable of solving,” he said.

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