Sessions Tags Wrong City for Immigrant Crimes

Posted on: 27 Apr 2017  |   Tags: latest illegal immigration crime news , visa crime ,

The attorney general of the United States, Mr. Jeff Sessions had on Friday clearly stated that the Escondido suburb of San Diego is perfect example of how state laws can hinder the cooperation between states and migration officials in their bid to stop the rise of undocumented migration as it could put the safety of the general public at risk. He said this while addressing journalists at a meeting held close to the border separation between the United States and Mexico. During his statement, the attorney general did not provide any proof that the states that have chosen to protect the migrants or the migrants themselves were to blame. He also did not state that the current administration had portrayed the area of Escondido as a shining light to other states for cooperating with government officials in the crackdown on undocumented migration. The attorney general had this to say: “As you are all aware, the criminal activities of gangs in Escondido has skyrocketed in recent weeks amongst two notorious rival gangs in the area. There has been more violence, more weapons, and more endangered civilians. State laws have empowered members of these notorious gangs to walk the streets free.” Here are the counter facts to the statement made by the attorney general: The city has maintained a healthy relationship with the country’s migration and customs department since 2010. The customs agency have their space at the police headquarters in the town and works in close collaboration with the cops on almost all criminal crackdowns. Naysayers argue that the relationship between the city and customs has made undocumented migrants a little confident but those in supports say it has helped keep the peace of the city. Criminal activities have dropped by 5% in the first two-quarters of 2016 when compared with the same timeframe the previous year. The chief of police in the city had this to say about the attorney general’s remarks: “I don’t think we’ve had an increase in a while now. It’s been relatively leveled. The city was thrown into a state of panic when a senior woman was hit by a stray bullet intended for opposing gang members during a shootout between rival gangs in the city. Some sections say that the rate of violence in the city has indeed risen, but aren’t attributing it to the presence of migrants. A police officer in the city told reporters that he is of the view that an alteration to the laws of the state has led to an increase in weapons on the streets of the city.

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