Warning Issued to Potential Illegal Immigrants

Two of the United States top officials, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, John Kelly, visited the region of El Paso in Texas on Thursday and issued a stern warning to undocumented migrants who might have the intention of coming into the United States. “Please, stay away,” was the message passed. “If you are arrested, you will be put in prison, jailed and sent back to your home nation,” the Attorney General stated.“Don’t come into this country without the required documentation. Wait until it is your time.” The AG and the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security made their first visit to the region in what is to be a two-day visit to the south-western border areas. They went around the United states-México border and experienced first hand how the border officials worked and operated. They also paid a visit to the court in charge of migration in El Paso. The attorney general called El Paso a major point and the neutral ground in the struggle to free the nation of undocumented migrant, criminals, and drug dealers. Jeff Sessions and John Kelly restated the commitment of the government of Mr. Trump to fully tackle the rate of undocumented migration and attempted to pass a message across to citizens of other nations trying to come into the country without proper documentation. “This message is for those who still harbor intentions to cross our border without the proper documentation. Do not come! Please, stay away,” the Attorney General said. “We won’t relent in our bid to wipe away undocumented migration. Our method remains the same, and it is going to be as effective as ever,” the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security stated. The Attorney General made public that the Department of Justice will employ around fifty judicial officials to handle cases of migration this year and the following year, they plan to employ another 75. The Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security also said that judicial officials are being transferred from some parts of the nation to states close to the border to effectively combat migration issues to significant effect. “What this entails is that there is no time wasted in the prosecution of undocumented migrants. They would not be wasting taxpayers money, and we can actually dispose of them in due time,” the secretary stated. Asides the extra-judicial officials, the Attorney General also appointed a director in charge of security on the border.

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