'Retribution For Countries Declining Their Citizens Deported From US' - Republicans

Expressing their anger on the Obama administration over immigration policies, Republicans have demanded the State Department to act tough on the countries that are not accepting their citizens. These citizens are mostly illegal immigrants or criminally charged, and need to be deported from the United States. The administration also let dangerous criminals run free on streets.

Republicans cited the example of 23 problematic countries and demanded the Congress to revoke financial aid to such countries which are not co-operating the United States in deportation. Even the democrats pressurized the Obama administration on this burning issue.

The lawmakers who were divided over the matter, unified on the issue of criminal immigrants. A recent incident of Jean-Jacques was cited, that allowed lawmakers to act sternly. Jean-Jacques, who was released after serving time in connection with the attempt of a murder case, was a Haiti national. He was not deported as his country refused to accept him. A few months later, Jacque killed a young woman in a dispute over drugs with her boyfriend.

There are numerous such instances and the immigration authorities want thousands of criminal immigrants to be deported, but their home countries are not willing to take them back.

Immigration laws allow the United States to withhold new visas of such countries which are refusing to take back their citizens with criminal backgrounds living in the United States.

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