New Zealand nationals highest in Australia’s detention centers

The new reports on a number of immigrants held in Australian detention centers suggest that, out of 1600 immigrants, 199 are  New Zealand nationals. They are the biggest group of detainees in Australia’s detention centers, followed by Iranians.

The Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection figures reveal that New Zealanders make up 12.6 percent of the total detainees. 1375 people are held in mainland detention centers and some 200 are at the notorious Christmas Island facility.

According to NZ Labour’s corrections spokesman Kelvin Davis, "Now that New Zealanders are the biggest group in the immigration detention centers, the government surely must acknowledge that they've underestimated the problem."

He further added, "National (party) has to step up and start doing something positive for people who are being treated unfairly and often brutally and inhumanely."

Australia’s improved and stringent immigration policies, allowed the officials to act tough on an illegal immigrants, which resulted in the increase of kiwi detainees.

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