Minister Joins Raids Targeted At Thwarting Women Trafficking

As part of attack on increasing usage of fake travelling documents to sneak women in gulf nations, a mutual squad from labor and employment ministry and Nepal Police had carried out raids at the airport and overseas employment department based in Kathmandu.

Police has detained two women, one without job permit and other with reentry visa as they were trying to visit Dubai with the help of their agents.

During the raids, the mutual  team, led by labor Minister find out that a Nepali woman were being trafficked to gulf nations by faking traveling documents .

After the mutual team apprehended women who were carrying re entry visa as they were trying to fly Dubai for first time, the joint team raided offices for more investigations.  The woman held by mutual team  who had legal visa but no job permit.

According to Police, the utilization of reentry visa to take woman out of the nation has increased as it awake no doubt among immigration and security officials.

The police also broke in various manpower firms and travel agencies alleged of conspiring of sending women to gulf nations.

During this operation, Police has detained seven individuals from a manpower firm and tourist agencies and they had also seized computers for more investigations.

After the detention of two women and seven other women who were about to leave for various gulf nations similar day revoked their flight. The Labor Minster has instructed the authorities to keep a close eye on illegitimate activities related to migrant employees.

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