Mexican man admits faking his kidnap to gain visa

A Mexican illegal immigrant in the United States in a bid to fraudulently gain the US visa specifically designated for crime victims in the US faked his own kidnapping. The man, Alejandro Mario Cortes, who is 46 years old, was found near Randolph Avenue in St. Paul with a duct tape binding him. He admitted and confessed to his crime in a District Court in Minneapolis US, where he pleaded guilty. He was sued with a one-count charge for visa fraud and the second one for illegal entry into the US. In the court, Cortes confessed more details of his crime and revealed that he masterminded the offense with the help of his nephew. Their conniving took over four months as it lasted from April 11 - August 29, 2018. The U non-immigrant Visa The visa he conspired to get - the U non-immigrant Status Visa - is specifically for certain crime victims who aided the law enforcement during a criminal investigation or prosecution and were victims of physical or mental abuse. This visa was created with the aim of providing help to officers in law enforcement in effectively investigating and charging cases of domestic violence, rape or sexual abuse, human trafficking, etc. The office of the US attorney revealed that Cortes together with his nephew, traveled to Minnesota from Illinois, Chicago. They arranged for Cortes to hide himself in a storage facility and he remained there for days to make his disappearance very believable. It was Cortes who then told his nephew to use the duct tape to bind his hands and mouth and leave him there. He was there; somewhere around Randolph Avenue until a snowplow driver found him. Stay connected to VisaCrimes to remain updated on visa news from USA, UK, Canada, Hong Kong, Germany, Denmark, Austria, and India.

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