Massachusetts Court to Hear Case on Illegal Immigrant

Posted on: 05 Apr 2017  |   Tags: Illegal immigration , Immigration Fraud , latest visa crime ,

On Tuesday, the province of Massachusetts asked its apex court to rule that local authorities do not have the jurisdiction to remand undocumented migrants who are waiting to receive judgment so as to afford the federal officials to arrest them and take them to jail.

The court ruling led to a dispute to requests made by the country’s migration and customs department for judges and local police officers to detain undocumented migrants who face the risk of being sent back to their home nations in prison for more than two days after their situation had been taken care of.

This is a system that is expected to kick into gear under the current administration of the present president of the United States of America.

The province also countered that remanding an individual in prison after his or her situation has been taken care of by the judicial system led to a fresh apprehension of the said individual without enough legal grounds to do so.

“The most likely reason for the removal of an individual from prison is not a ground to arrest them again under the laws of the state,” an assistant attorney general of the state, Jessica Barnett, told reporters. She also stated that the laws of the state do not provide exclusive powers to officers of the law to arrest individuals who are facing the risk of being sent back to their home countries.

The United States department of justice also disputed that the requests of the detainer show the simplest forms of cooperation between different law enforcement agencies.

“From the look of things, all provinces have the right to secure their sovereignty,” an attorney representing the department told newsmen. The issue was raised by the apprehension of an asylum seeker who came to the United States in 1985 and was sent back to the nation of Cambodia in 2008 following an array of criminal cases against him.

The nation of Cambodia refused to grant him stay in the country and he was later set free.

He was then apprehended in the city of Boston following a robbery accusation and was set free in February after the accusers failed to convince the court he was guilty.

While he awaited his release from custody, the federal migration officials came in to take him into custody. His apprehension by the customs officials makes the situation dormant, but the Supreme Court in the state of Massachusetts agreed to take up the case.

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