Many Illegal Drug Dealers Have Entered Canada since Mexican Visa Waiver

A report in Canada claims hundreds of illegal drug dealers have entered the country since the government of Canada waived Mexican visa.

In 2016, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government waived the visa requirements put in place in 2009 by the Harper government to control increasing asylum claims from Canada. The previous government recorded huge success with claims received from Mexico dropping to double digits in 2013.

When the current government came in, it decided to waive the requirements against experts’ advice in a bid to boost economic ties between the countries by rebuilding and strengthening their relations. The strengthened economic ties yielded huge benefits with Canada generating above $600 million in economic benefits from tourists and business travellers in 2017.

With the waiver, Mexicans are only required to get Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) at $7 and a very short interval.

Influx of Drug cartel members

Immediately Trudeau government waived the Mexican visa, asylum claims from Mexicans went through the roof reaching 3,300 in 2018 from 260 in 2016.

Reports from insiders said about 400 drug dealers, many of whom used fake Mexican passports, just entered Canada. About 50 per cent are said to be based in Quebec and the other 50 per cent Toronto.

Just last month, illegal border crossing to Canada rose by 24% according to reports.

There are concerns among conservatives that at this rate, Canada might be heading for serious organized crime issues.

The Trudeau government has a rich screening process that brings several agencies together to ensure criminals are detected, Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale’s office said in response.

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