Letters: Make Distinction Between Legal, Illegal Immigration

Concerning the latest write-up published by Anne Babson, “President Donald Trump’s anti-migration orders are shocking.” It is disturbing when people are opinionated about anti-migration laws, laws that they are against when they talk about individuals who have entered the nation via unscrupulous means or have stayed beyond the limits of their permits and hence, their stay in the land is illegal.

It is alarming that a lot of people can no longer tell the difference between what is lawful and what isn’t.

There are around 11.6 million inhabitants in the country who got into the United States via means that are against the law.

Because someone can enter the country without going through the due process doesn’t give them the right to reside in our nation.

The only exception I can think of is the wet foot law, which was for the Cubans. January 2017, as the final days of the Obama administration, wound down, he put an end to the so-called Cuban policy. That meant that any Cuban national stepping foot on American soil would be permitted entrance and given a free residential permit in the country for up to a year.

That is a law that has been in enforcement for the past 20 years. I don’t remember a letter from Babson claiming that the tenure of President Obama and his migration laws were shocking.

The United States of America confirm that nearly 500,000 non-nationals come into the United States on legal grounds yearly.

They put forward an application, went through immigration department and were deemed eligible to come into the United States.

According to reports from the Department of migration, intending migrants with family members in the United States can get a permanent green card faster than those without.

For those who do not have families in the country, the process of getting a green card can take up to or more than two years.

The state is very generous.

The country also has rules by which it lives and operates, rules the president of the country has taken a vow to stay faithful to, regardless of feelings or condition. With that stated already, the chances of the president of the country arresting and sending back around 11.6 million undocumented migrants are very slim. The case of undocumented migrants with criminal records is an entirely separate matter.

It is almost impossible to find any moral ground on which you would want undocumented foreigners with criminal records to remain in your country.

No reason whatsoever.

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