Individual In Brevard County Residing In The US Illegally To Be Sentenced

An individual residing in the Brevard County of Melbourne Australia would be sentenced for possessing ammunitions and guns illegitimately after his student visa got expired.

The jury had found that individual guilty in the District Court of the US in Orange County. He can face up to ten years imprisonment.

Individual was a student at Technology Institute in Florida, in Melbourne, but he failed , that means he was supposed to return back to his country, the UAE in a month of time, but he didn’t do that and he violated the immigration laws for a period of ten months.

He started living at a Hotel Hilton Rialto in Melbourne previous year when an employee of the hotel call the police about suspected terrorist activity, as the individual had checked in and out many times in two  months time and had paid around $11,000 in cash also.

Federal agents had not found any proof of terrorist activity, but when they searched his room, they got ammunition and guns. He is expected to be sentenced in the month of August.

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