Indian Police Arrests and Deports 30 Illegal Immigrants

Indian Police Arrests and Deports 30 Illegal Immigrants

Half of the 60 immigrants detained for living in Greater Noida without correct documents were taken into custody on 12 July 2019  late night on the charge of endangering peace. Approximately 30 immigrants were detained while a drive to check for unauthorized immigrants on 10 July 2019. Of them, about 12 were released, and about 17 skipped custody.

More Details About the Illegal Immigrants

Vaibhav Krishna, Noida police chief told the decision was taken after few of the foreigners jumped from the Police Lines hospital on 11 July 2019 night and the women stayed in the barracks exhibited aggressive behavior towards the police. On 13 July 2019, the immigrants currently in custody were charged below Section 151  (endangering peace) of the CrPC. They were sent to jail on 12th July night after being presented before a magistrate,” Krishna told.

We are all bound by the law. People who have been detained were residing in the city illegally. They will be expelled, for now, but able to revisit India only on legal grounds later obtaining a visa told Krishna. Sources in Luksar jail told the immigrants created a ruckus after being caught on 12th July night.

It became very challenging to manage them at first. They keep on shouting that they are not criminals and also declined to enter the jail. It lasted for about 05 hours, later which the 19 women were sent in the barracks for women meanwhile the 11 men were sent to the barrack no. 7,” a jail official said to media.

Krishna told the police were hunting for the 17 immigrants who eluded from the Police Lines hospital after separating a piece of cardboard utilized to cover a glass whose grilles had broken. We are asking the police who were on duty on that day at the Police Lines when the detainees escaped. We are sincerely trying to track them, and they would be caught soon, he told.

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