Immigration Arrests Increases by 32%, Reports Say

Posted on: 18 Apr 2017  |   Tags: Illegal Immigration News , USA immigration news , visa crime ,

In the first week following the election of Donald Trump into power, apprehensions made on undocumented migrants increased by around 32.6%. That increase came as the administration gave new directives to the nation’s federal officials to put more efforts and pressure into the chasing down of undocumented migrants. This includes both undocumented migrants who have had brushes with the law and the many undocumented migrants who apparently keep the laws of the land. According to recently released reports, the nation’s migration and border protection body apprehended around 21,362 migrants between the month of January and March. More than half of them had a criminal record as opposed to around 16,104 who were apprehended within the same time frame the previous year. The apprehension of migrants who have no previous brush with the law increased by twice the amount gotten last year to 5,441. That was the most vivid sign that the current president is taking a no-nonsense approach towards the issue of illegal migration in the nation. The supporters for migrants state that the degree of force the agency has employed has led to a quick decrease in the news of foreigners being sexually assaulted and other related events in the areas of LA and Houston. It has also made the society of migrants pretty scared all over the United States. “I have a feeling that the customs agency has been given a lot of power never before given to them,” a legal prosecutor in the United States stated on Thursday. “The present administration has destroyed the trust we have built over the years with this community of people.” A representative of the customs agency said that the agency is aware of the plight of victims and their witnesses and helps in the procurement of permits for some of them in some instances. However, she was of the opinion that all undocumented migrants should be removed from the nation immediately. The agency is focused on making sure that it is driven to apprehending individuals who are considered a threat to the security of the public and the border of the nation,” the representative said. “The head of the nation’s Homeland Security has clearly stated that the agency would not exclude sections or classes of undocumented migrants from the list.” More than half of the foreigners apprehended between January and March had previous records of criminal activities, a 15% rise in the same duration the previous year.

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