Immigration Agents Has Detained Around 87 Immigrants In Five Day Operation In Nevada

Enforcement agents of immigration have  detained around 87 immigrants in Las Vegas and Reno during a five-day operation they said aimed at people who posed a threat to public safety.

Among those, around 22 individuals were taken in Reno, and that includes individuals with previous crimes.

The Customs and Immigration officials had denied revealing the identity of those detained citing security reasons.

Six of those who were arrested in Reno stay in remand at Washoe County Jail, but it would likely be transferred to Las Vegas for immigration hearings.  Until they are subjected to final extradition, those detained would face an immigration hearing for determining whether they must leave the country or not.

According to the officers, around 85% of those detained met 1 and 2 priority targets of ICE meaning they have been convicted and committed many crimes or currently visited the US illegitimately.

15% if those detained were priority 3 targets, the lowest priority for removal and apprehension. Not all of those detained had committed an extra crime after visiting the nation illegitimately.  Still others might be legal residents but had committed crimes that will warrant their eradication from the US.

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