Do Immigrants Commit More Crimes?

Posted on: 29 Mar 2017  |   Tags: Illegal immigration , news , Visa , visa crime ,

The federal bureau of investigation gave a statistic on the crime rate, and that figure showed a whopping 17,370 rape accusations made in the year 2015. For these stories to be reported, there would have to be six rape stories every hour the news was broadcast.

If there was no report of all the rape cases in the country, at least we must have discussed the daycare employee in the state of Massachusetts who admitted to his crime of sexually abusing three pre-school kids.

The news about a case in Idaho must have also made the rounds at around the month of December.

A football player in high school was able to secure a plea bargain that did not include sexual offense charges after charges of sodomizing a fellow teammate with a coat hanger was leveled against him

The case in Maryland was peculiar because of the press secretary of the White House, Sean Spicer, stated it as a primary reason why the current president Donald Trump is hell bent on hunting down and abolishing undocumented migration. As for the other claims that undocumented migrants are way more dangerous and commit more crimes than citizens do, well here is a list of things you should note.

A lot of research papers had been tendered on the issue of migration and crime rates in the country.

Almost all of the reports came to the same conclusion: on the average, legal and undocumented migrants commit lesser crimes than citizens of the United States.

A report made with a co-author of the institute’s research, Alex Nowrasteh, and their March report gave his insight into the case. Alex and his fellow research team discovered that undocumented migrants are 44% less primed to be arrested and charged with a felony than American citizens and legal migrants around 69% less likely to commit crimes.

They also discovered that when you minus the number of undocumented migrants who are imprisoned for migration crimes, the figures for both legal and undocumented migrants is almost equal.

“They do this, and it feels like it’s the migrants or the outsiders that are perpetrating such acts to us. It feels like it’s been perpetrated on a large scale to us as a nation rather than as the personal, deadly act that is,” Alex said about the case in Maryland. I think it makes us way more agitated and angry about the whole thing.”

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