Immigrant Face Deportation for Stealing Valuables from a US Library

A former student of Brigham Young University is sentenced to five years in prison for the theft of valuable items from the university library. Kevin Mark Ronald Schuwer, 29, stole a historical picture and eight books from the Harold B. Lee Library between September and November 2018. He was on a student visa over this period. Schuwer was trying to cover medical bills for his daughter's spina bifida as well as survive, Defense attorney Kate Conyers said. On Wednesday, he was given five years jail term in 4th District Court. He admitted that his acts were criminal and he fully takes responsibility for them. The Denmark national has a wife and two children who are citizens of the US.

Deportation in View

Schuwer's prison sentence was suspended by Judge Lynn Davis who therefore ordered him to serve 120 days behind bars. Having spent about four months in prison, he is required to serve just a month jail term and 36 months on probation. Defense attorney revealed that his client regrets the terrible acts and all stolen items have been returned. Prosecuting attorney Brian Miller said there are many other people scammed by Schuwer but who refused to press charges. He emphasized that the theft is not an isolated crime but part of many others. An original photo of Porter Rockwell was removed from the library by Schuwer. He replaced it with a fake one, according to police search warrants. He also stole eight books properly marked as the property of the school. He sold some to a collector in Utah County for $3,000. The accused is equally facing charges for the theft of valuable photograph belonging to Utah State University Special Collections and Archives. He will be transferred to US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) upon release where he will face deportation proceedings. Stay in touch and get alerts & emails directly in your inbox by subscribing to Visa Crimes Check here for our latest immigration updates, local immigration activities, emerging trends, visa news updates for Australia, Canada, US, UK, Germany and more.

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