Illegal Indian Immigrants Being Deported By The US

54 in April, and more this month, In the month of April 2016, fifty-four Indian citizens were deported from the United States, and a few more will be deported in July 2016.

At a meeting on repatriation of convicted criminal aliens, the Assistant Secretary of State for Consular Affairs, Michele Thoren Bond stated…"India has improved its timelines in issuing travel documents to its citizens under final orders of removal”. Bond said that India is on a positive trajectory and the US will engage in addressing severe cases to ensure that the process is smooth and impeccable. The Obama Administration initiated actions against illegal immigrants by discontinuing immigrant and non-immigrant visas to them.

Indians in April 2016 were sent back to their homeland on an ICE charter flight, and similar travel arrangements are being organized for the deportation scheduled in this month by India.

Indians with past criminal records and visa expires are being deported and the Department of Homeland Security is closely working with India to issue travel documents to convicted immigrants in the United States.

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