Illegal Immigration Down by Two-Thirds

Posted on: 14 Apr 2017  |   Tags: Illegal Immigration News , Trump latest news , visa crime ,

The current news coming from the United States’ Department for the protection of its borders depicts the recent effect that the laws and actions carried out on undocumented migrants have made. These migrants are hoping to cross the border into the country without proper documentation so as to have free access to benefits of the citizens of the country. The total number of people apprehended trying to enter the country in the month of March were around 16,600, a 30% decline from what was obtainable in the month of February, and around 64% decline since the current president of the United States took over. During his campaign, President Donald Trump assured the citizens he would build a huge wall between the nation and Mexico as part of his actions to curb undocumented migration into the nation from the southwest. He made those words into action when he passed into law or tried to pass into law, his executive orders to begin the process. The attorney general of the present administration has reiterated the President’s commitment to curbing the inflow of migrants during a speech he gave on Tuesday in the state of Arizona. He passed a bill to all attorneys to increase their efforts in the prosecution of undocumented migrants, and that includes anyone who tries to keep them safe. He also said they should pay attention to those who already have criminal records coming into the country and those who have previously been sent back from the country. The Attorney General also passed the instruction to the nation’s Department of Justice to arrest foreigners for seemingly trivial crimes committed such as theft, fraud as well as sham marriages in their bid to become citizens. The AG also stated that “For those people who keep looking to get into the nation without proper documentation, heed this warning: it is a new dawn. We are in the Donald Trump regime. The era of laziness and refusal of government officials to carry out their duties as the law requires them is gone entirely.” The Attorney General also talked about the criminal gangs culpable for the importation of narcotics into the country. “Ruthless violence and attacks are their go to weapons. They behead their victims without remorse. We have decided to take the war to them and stand firmly against them.” During an interview that night, the Attorney General also reiterated his stance about the situation with the border. “The border is entirely out of bounds. Please, remain in your country.”  

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